I will setup or fix facebook pixel and conversion API for server side tracking with GTM


Why Do You Need Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a crucial tool for businesses utilizing the Facebook advertising platform. It allows businesses to track user interactions on their websites, such as page views, purchases, and sign-ups, providing valuable data for optimizing ad campaigns and understanding user behavior. This pixel-generated data enables businesses to refine their targeting, measure the effectiveness of their ads, and ultimately drive better results by delivering more relevant content to their audience.

Why Do You Need Facebook Conversion API?

FB pixel cookies are unable to track accurate data from browser side due to iOS 14/14.5 update and web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Mozilla also Chrome early) prevention (ITP) algorithm.

Facebook Recommendation:  To fix this problem, we can capture data from server side through Conversion API. Conversion API can help us better measure ad performance also specific across to your customer’s full journey from discovery to conversion.

What Service I will do you:

⭐Facebook Pixel Setup

⭐GTM & GA4 Integration

⭐Facebook Conversion API

⭐Standard Event (PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, Checkout & Purchase)

⭐GA4 Server-Side & Ecommerce Tracking

⭐Google Ads Tracking

⭐All Social Media Pixel Tracking

Special Service:

⭐First-Party Domain Tracking

⭐Event Match Quality

⭐Event Deduplication

⭐Cookie Life Extend

⭐Google Cloud/Stape Server

⭐Data Layer Enable

⭐Aggregated Event Measurement

⭐Dynamic Catalog

⭐Fix Pixel Diagnostics

⭐Domain Verify



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